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EDC offers a wide range of trade solutions to Canadian companies and their customers to help you grow your business abroad. Use the following summary as a guide, and visit us at www.edc.ca/toolkit to find out more.



Protection that gives you the confidence to grow

How can I be sure I’ll get paid?

Get EDC Accounts Receivable Insurance and we’ll protect your sales against a wide range of risks if your customer doesn’t pay. You can cover a single customer, one contract, your full book of export business, or even the receivables of your foreign affiliates. And knowing that your foreign receivables are covered means your financial institution may be willing to extend more working capital to you.

I’m concerned about the political situation in a foreign market

Many exciting opportunities exist in emerging markets that can be subject to a variety of political risks. Through Political Risk Insurance, you can protect your overseas assets, such as equipment and manufacturing facilities, for up to 90 per cent of your losses.

What if my customer calls my bond?

Depending on the type of guarantee issued, our Performance Security Insurance can protect you from having to pay back the amount of the guarantee if it was called without a valid reason.

Financing & Working Capital

Steady cash flow keeps operations running smoothly

I need access to more financing

A lack of funds doesn’t have to stand in the way of your exporting goals. When you need to break into a new market, fill an order, or participate in a large-scale global project, our financing solutions can help you access a reliable source of working capital – and keep your sales cycle running smoothly.

My bank is asking for a guarantee

You need to manage all kinds of upfront costs before you are paid. Our Export Guarantee Program shares the financial risk with your bank so you can get the financing you need to break into new markets, increase production for a new order or support foreign investments.

Currency fluctuations are tying up my cash flow

Our Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee encourages your foreign exchange provider to forego the need for collateral when you sign a foreign exchange contract to lock in exchange rates. This means you can mitigate fluctuations without tying up your cash flow.

My customer is ready to buy, but needs financing

Successful companies can’t always compete on quality products or services alone. Sometimes it takes that little extra, such as being able to provide financing to win an export sale. Our Foreign Buyer Financing lets you offer your customers attractive terms, and since we typically pay you directly and collect from your customer, this solution also gives you the equivalent of a cash sale.


Giving your bank the security and guarantees it needs

What if my buyer demands a bond?

Posting bonds and guarantees is a necessary part of exporting, but it can tie up your cash flow. With our range of bonding and guarantee solutions, your financial institution may forego its usual collateral requirements, which means you benefit from increased cash flow. This makes it easier for you to seize new opportunities.
Having an Account Performance Security Guarantee means your financial institution is fully protected if your customer demands payment against the guarantee, which it provided to your customer on your behalf.

I’m having difficulty getting bonds

If you are having difficulties finding a surety company to issue a bond on your behalf, or your existing surety company has reached its limit, we may be able to help with our Surety Bond Insurance.

Online Services

Flexibility to work beyond 9-to-5

I want to check out a new customer

Through EXPORTCheck, you can view the credit profiles of more than 100 million customers worldwide. See detailed corporate information, including the company’s history, any legal issues it faces, and credit and financial information for as little as $30.

I need help finding new markets and customers

Our expertise and experience can help you do business in up to 200 markets worldwide. Discover our detailed country information, insightful economic analysis, informative publications and reports, or browse our events section for a variety of seminars, webinars and trade missions.

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